Critical Analysis- Older Athletes

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This text is a critical analysis of the 2016 article ‘Clinical Considerations for the ageing Athlete’ by Shane P Brun.

The introduction of this piece gave a clear definition of the topic and the content to be discussed. The article gave a concise explanation into the considerations to be taken when working with older athletes. The population is defined as persons over the age of 65 or those with limitations over the age of 50 (Brun 2016). They also must be committed to a specific physical activity at least five times a week (Brun 2016).

The introduction was proceeded with subcategories explaining how older athletes can be protected. Providing clinicians with information that prevents common health issues in older athletes (Brun 2016). Facts were followed with appropriate references, giving the article credibility.

This article gave me insight into a population that I would have overlooked within my chosen field. Having Clinical Exercise Physiologists who are knowledgeable in these considerations may result in a higher percentage of older adults having the confidence to pursue their athletic goals.
The article primarily outlines the consideration for clinicians working with these athletes. It also considers the benefits physical activity has on this population, including improvement of physical and cognitive function (Brun 2016).

The article was well written and structured. It provided the appropriate information on the considerations and benefits of being an older athlete. This information will assist Clinicians in maintaining the well-being of the increasing population of older adults in high-level physical activity (Brun 2016) .



Brun, S 2016, ‘Clinical considerations for the ageing athlete’, Australian Family Physician, vol. 45, no. 7, pp. 478-483.



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